Every employee of Baker Hughes drives our HSE culture, as well as its results. We believe, however, that leaders must chart the course and set clear expectations.

We’ve worked to enhance senior leadership capabilities through our HSE Leadership Academies. In 2016, we moved ahead with Sustainable Leadership, a course to further enhance capabilities, include a broader range of managers and supervisors, and demonstrate what inspirational HSE leadership is and how to apply it every day.

Now, our leaders inspire by engaging employees personally, in deeper ways than ever before. We’re no longer satisfied with town hall meetings, although they still have their place. Rather, our focus is on engaging employees routinely to assess how well they recognize risks, ensure controls are in place and functioning, and learn from experiences.

Of course, the journey to Zero isn’t just for us. We all have the same destination in mind – so we believe it’s critical that we share the ride. To make sure that happens, we’ve gone farther to collaborate with our industry partners and share what’s working for us.


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Leading with our Industry Partners


Noticing the Difference

  • How Our CFO Leads by Example

    Our Chief Financial Officer, Kimberly Ross, was recognized by the National Diversity Council as one of 2016’s Most Powerful Businesswomen in Texas. What isn’t widely known is that she has been vocal with external stakeholders about HSE leadership at Baker Hughes.

    For example, on a conference call with multiple investors in September, Kimberly suspected one of the participants was phoning while driving. She stopped the call and asked if he was driving, and he confirmed he was calling while using his vehicle’s Bluetooth function. Kimberly informed the participant that it was unsafe, even on Bluetooth, to do so, and that Baker Hughes does not allow it. She politely but firmly asked him to hang up and join the call when he was no longer driving.

    Other investors on the call remarked that they had never known anyone to ask an investor to leave a call or emphasize a safety practice in such a meeting. The investor stopped driving and re-entered the call after he safely reached his destination. Kimberly has a long-standing commitment to driving safety along with our entire executive team. She also led our employees by example as one of the first to complete our Driver Safety training using our vehicle simulator.


    Kimberly Ross, Sr. VP and Chief Financial Officer leads by example in the vehicle simulator

  • Sustainable HSE Leadership

    At Baker Hughes, we believe in a strong foundation of leaders engaged in HSE, a robust HSE culture, integral partnerships between HSE team members and business leaders, and leaders engaging routinely with employees to improve behaviors and therefore, HSE performance. We built that foundation with our HSE Leadership Academies over several years. In 2016, we traveled further to build our HSE leadership skills with an updated approach we call “Sustainable HSE Leadership”.

    Embedded in the core of Sustainable HSE Leadership is our “What Lies Beneath?” interactive training, which introduces participants to a human factors perspective on HSE performance. As they explore the idea of “What Lies Beneath?”, participants take a metaphorical journey to consider causes and contributions to HSE incidents. Only this journey reaches beyond the typical iceberg to the surrounding water. There, we investigate to identify and understand what in the water is allowing the iceberg to even exist, factors like ownership, motivation and leadership, as shown in the iceberg image. In our metaphor, a small change in the water temperature will melt away the iceberg altogether. Participants are challenged to identify what factors are influencing and contributing to the existence of our iceberg – our personal HSE performance challenges.

    In addition to the “What Lies Beneath?” discussions, participants examine and discuss the leadership principles that have helped us achieve our current level of success. They are also equipped with a variety of HSE and leadership tools to help them apply these principles. The course ends with exercises where they demonstrate their learnings, giving them ample opportunity to dive deep into the content and determine how best to apply these leadership principles in our daily activities. Finally, after leaving the class, participants complete additional activities to reinforce their learnings in cooperation with their own leader. It’s a great, sustainable way for our leaders to refresh and continue to hone their leadership skills and use these within their typical area of influence and beyond. We’ve received tremendous feedback on our Sustainable HSE Leadership course, and we continue to expand the circle of leaders who have learned and expertly apply these skills.