We’re on the journey to Zero. Zero injuries. Zero accidents. Zero spills. This is zero thinking – where zero isn’t a concept, but a reality. And an expectation.

A journey this ambitious takes fuel. That certain combination of things that lets us go where we need to go – fast, without detours, and, of course, safely.

For us, that fuel consists of three things:

DNA. HSE is who we are. It fuels our insatiable drive to always do better and our unwavering commitment to do everything necessary to get to Zero.

Data. Along our journey, we’ve collected and used important data to help us understand more about what really drives our behaviors, and how to apply those learnings to deliver HSE assurance.

Discipline. The best fuel in the world can’t get us where we want to be unless we’re disciplined enough to know when and how to consume it. There’s no room for non-conformity.


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  • Learn more about how HSE is in our DNA