Our industry is in a much different and more difficult position today than at any other time in our history. Now, we often struggle not only for a social license to operate, but a social license to exist.

And it’s happening on our watch – so it’s our responsibility to address it.

That’s why accelerating what we’re doing in our HSE culture is so important. We’re focusing on three areas to help us gain the momentum we need to break through to a whole new kind of HSE journey.

HSE Risk Potential
With every incident that occurs, we don’t stop at what actually happened; we also look at what could have happened. And, now we’re going upstream even farther, piloting programs to examine observations, findings, audits and self-assessments to identify risks even earlier in the process.

Human Factors
We have an opportunity to go beyond traditional analysis and really understand how human and organizational factors influence behaviors, errors and incidents.

This focus on human factors isn’t new to other industries, but it is new to oil & gas. We’re leading collaboration with our industry partners to start digging deeper, not to why incidents happen, but to how an organization allows them to happen.

HSE Assurance
How do we assure ourselves – and more important, our families and communities – that we are truly mitigating risks to our health, our safety, and our environment? How do we make sure that, even as we accelerate, we keep following the correct path? To the same journey to Zero?

It’s simple. We do what we say we will do. We stay committed to innovation. And we never, ever lose sight of the fact that we’re on a journey to Zero.