Owning Our Journey: Going the Distance

2016 proved to be a challenging year for our industry and for our company; but, it’s amazing what generative thinking will do for you.

I’m proud to say this is what allowed our HSE journey to continue.

We achieved a remarkable 208 Perfect HSE Days – that’s a day globally across all Baker Hughes work teams where there was no injury, no accident and no harm to the environment. That surpasses our record that we achieved in 2015 of 146 days.

Though we track our achievement using metrics; such as 243 less motor vehicle accidents, greater than 8,000 leader visits, over 1 million observations, and continued recognition in the Newsweek Green Rankings.

It’s the sustainability and advancement of what I’m seeing in the DNA of Baker Hughes that makes us most proud.

We’re benchmarking others outside our industry, like aviation and the nuclear navy, to game change our thinking.

And we’re taking root cause to a whole new level through our “What Lies Beneath” clear lens view. That view allows us to look at ourselves, our organization and our systems to find real root cause.

We proudly shared, freely to the industry, our “What Lies Beneath” series and were rewarded with over 2,700 downloads.

And, we’re seeing a healthy challenging of each other, to look at what could happen, instead of what did.

That means we view every Baker Hughes employee, contractor and sub-contractor as an HSE professional. Going after what’s not “perfect,” to make every day a Perfect HSE Day.

I’m Jack Hinton, Vice President of Health, Safety and Environment at Baker Hughes. I’m proud of what our Baker Hughes family has accomplished, and welcome you to the next part of our HSE journey – Going The Distance.